Disaster with my 5700xt 50th Anniversary Edition Purchase.

Discussion created by xdevgamer on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2019 by yue0707

I purchased a 50th anniversary edition and the shipment was delayed for two days for no reason. Tracking reported it was close to my house but it was held for two day buy the carrier. When the gpu arrived it shuts off my whole computer after a few minutes of play every time. There are no stats showing in wattman, no voltage, fan speed, clock speed and all graphs and gauges are disabled. GPUZ and afterburner have the same problem. AMD still hasnt gotten back to me after reporting it by email. I had to call in to customer service and they where terrible. I could barely hear the person because of static on the line and strong foreign accents. They had no technical knowledge and could not help me. They would not process an RMA replacement until I convinced them to. (dont ask, SMH) then they claimed because of problems with their system they could not process my RMA and would get back to me later. They still haven't gotten back with me. They put me on hold when I asked to speak with a manager and then told me I cant speak to a manager. So right now I have paid $480 ($450 + $30 tax) for a dead 5700xt 50th AE that I cant use, cant return and cant replace because of AMD. What can I do.


System specs:
4.5ghz i7
16GB ddr3 2133
850 watt PSU