X570 PCIE issues with 5700XT

Discussion created by redcisco on Jul 17, 2019
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Wanted to put out there if you have a an X570 chipset you may have major shutdown issues with your 5700 or 5700XT card. The 5700 does not work yet with the GEN4- 4.0 PCIE 16x bus and will cause issue or will not post (BSOD).


I have an Asrock X570 which is capable of running at 4.0 or GEN4 however my 5700XT will not accept GEN4 on the PCIE 16X bus. I replaced the slot with my old X590 and an old Nvidia card and both worked great.


Below is the response from AMD when I communicated with customer service:

*Response and Service Request History:

Thank you for the response.

I understand that after the clean installation of the latest driver didn’t solve the issue completely, I request you please wait for the next driver update for the graphic card. And I suggest you use the graphic card in Gen 3 mode as it is working stable in Gen 3 mode.

Thanks for contacting AMD.