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5700XT and Video Editing Software (Decoding)

Question asked by koffan on Jul 17, 2019
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I updated my build to a x570, 3900x, 5700XT this week and ive noticed that there is an issue with the GPU not decoding my footage in premiere pro and davinci resolve.


The footage is all scrambled and the softwares lag out and eventually crash. (Rendering the footage works...)


The problem seems only to occur when i have either down or upscaled the footage. (4k footage on a 1080 timeline for example)


Anyone facing the same problems? 


Note: Games run fine 


Steps i have tried:

Fresh Windows Install


Installed latest AMD chiplet, processor and GPU drivers

Latest Asus BIOS 7070


My footage is .mp4 from Sony cameras (im not exactly sure but think thats h264?)


Appreciate any support or tests done by others to confirm similar issues.