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rx 5700 low performance and monitoring issues

Question asked by tohve on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2019 by coloristx

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AMD rx 5700

So built this system with old gtx 745 from my old pc because I had to wait for my GPU to arrive. Everything worked ok.
Then I got my rx 5700 and plugged it in. I downloaded drivers and im using AMD Adrealin 19.7.1.
I tried playing ow and wow and was not so happy about fps. Then I played GTA 5 and got barely 50 fps with max settings. This was way too low what I had seen from benchmarks.
After that I tried different settings but still low fps.
Then I decided realised that I had geforce experience so I uninstalled it and after that reinstalled my GPU drivers and AMD Adrealin.
Then I ran 3DMark timespy benchmark. Only got 4000 gpu score. Which is half what it should be.
Then I tried to check my clock speed. I tried different programs and even WattMan couldnt monitor my clock speed or temperature of my GPU.
I tried searching everything from google, but could find similar problem, until.
Someguy had problems monitoring his 5700 xt and fixed it by enabling VSR and GPU scaling.
Well I did the same and it worked, got 8100 score in timespy and WattMan was monitoring my clock speed and temperature. Well everything was going great until i opened GTA 5.
It crashed straight when my character appeared on screen. I decided to reboot my pc. It gave me the "windows stopped working :(", and rebooted itself.
Now I have the same problem that I cant monitor my GPU stats and it is not giving lower fps than it should. I really cant find any other help than asking it.

So I would be very happy if some one has the same problem or knows how to fix this. Thanks!