Outlook display issues on Current AMD driver

Discussion created by dakoop83 on Jul 16, 2019
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On a Lenovo Y700-15ACZ with Radeon R7 embedded graphics and R9 M385x discrete graphics. Have had nothing but trouble with the display drivers. If I use the Lenovo provided drivers, apps all seem to work ok, except I constantly get AMD driver crashes. If I update the AMD drivers to the latest provided directly through AMD, no more crashes, and all apps seem to work ok except one, Outlook 2016. Can't get anything in Outlook to display except the email pane. This is definitely related to the AMD drivers and the card AMD is trying to force Outlook to use. In the old version of the AMD drivers Outlook was set to use the R7 integrated card and it worked just fine. In the updated drivers it is being forced to use the R9 M385X card and won't display. I have tried to change the preferred card in Radeon Settings, but can't get it to switch from the M385X. Has anyone seen this issue before, or know how to force Radeon to allow Outlook to use the different adapter?