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Multiple Monitors in a RX 570 in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Is possible?

Question asked by andresgt2000 on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2019 by andresgt2000

we have bought a radeon rx 570 sapphiere press, and we have put it to work with ubuntu 18.04, and we have 4 monitors connected to it:

1 32-inch TV directly connected by hdmi.
1 24-inch VGA monitor connected with an HDMI adapter. (Argon Tech)
2 17-inch VGA monitors of the same model connected with display port adapters. (Argon Tech)

With ubuntu 18.04 open controllers, 4 of the monitors are well recognized, but it only gives video in 3.

Question 1 Do we have to make any special configuration for the four monitors to work with the open source driver?

In any case, as we could not activate the four monitors, we proceeded to install the proprietary drivers and after several reboots the 4 monitors were recognized, only 2 things happened:

Issue Nº1: One of the 17-inch monitors recognizes it only with 600x400 resolution and it is not possible to configure a correct resolution.

Is there any way to force larger resolutions on the monitor?

Issue Nº2: When the screens are blocked and the system is re-entered, only the TV and the 24-inch monitor retrieve the video and the monitors of 17 go black and do not recover video. The only way they can work again is to restart the computer.

Is there any way to reactivate the video display on the monitors?

Is any extra configuration required?