HDMI Audio not working

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Hi Guys,


I recently purchased a new CPU/Motherboard/RAM combo, below are the specs of my current machine:


AMD Ryzen 2200G

MSI B450M Mortar

Sapphire Radeon R9 380

2x8GB Kingston Hyper-X DDR CL2400

Gigabyte 800W PSU

WD SSD Green 250GB


I'll try to be as detailed as possible. My Sapphire video card came from an old PC which has an AMD A10 and MSI motherboard as well. HDMI audio is working on the A10 but when I upgraded the moterboard/cpu with the ones mentioned above, the HDMI audio is not working and for some reason when I was intslling the AMD drivers (19.5.x and later 19.7.x) the HDMI drivers is not listed during the custom install. Below is what I have done so far


1) Fresh install of Windows 10 Professional

2) Updated Windows 10 with the latest patches

3) Installed AMD 19.7.x drivers; no HDMI listed

4) Booted to Safe mode and ran DDU

5) Installed AMD 19.5.x drivers; still the same results with HDMI not listed

6) Performed the same steps and installed 19.4.x drivers but still got the same results

7) Updated the motherboard BIOS to the latest version and performed another clean install of Windows 10 Pro

8) Performed the same steps above but HDMI audio is still not working


My PC is connected to a Marantz AVR and Samsung LEDTV. I also tried to directly connect the PC to the Samsung TV but still no HDMI audio passing through.


For testing purposes, I installed my Sapphire VC back on the old A10/MSI PC and the HDMI audio was working with the 19.5.x drivers. 


Any ideas as to how to fix this? Any inputs will be greatly appreciated


Thank you