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5700 XT Performance Overlay and ReLive (Fixed, can be replicated)

Question asked by noko on Jul 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2019 by noko

Performance Overlay only comes on the desktop, every game I tried the hotkey does not open it up inside the game. Changed the hotkey to different keystrokes still no go. AMD Link works and shows the performance parameters. When I have two monitors on, extended, the Overlay shows up on the second (non primary) monitor - in games it does not show up at all on either monitors. Going to one monitor does not fix Performance Overlay in games.


Relive does not work period, neither on the desktop when Record Desktop is enabled or any game. With all settings rest except record desktop, toggling record hotkey on and then off will create a Relive Folder in the default location but no recordings are saved (tried different folders)


Used DDU in safe mode, installed 19.7.1 drivers upon restart. Installed Relive and turned on.


Alt Z for Radeon Overlay works only on the desktop, that too does not work in any game. Turned off Steam Overlay which did not make a difference.


I have no crashing in games, card is performing well otherwise.


Ryzen 2700

5700 XT 50th AE

X370 ASUS Crosshair 6 Hero

32gb of DDR 4 3200 cas 14

Latest chipset drivers dated 7/7/19

Win 10 64 1903 (Game Mode off)(On/off makes no difference)