Farcry 3 Graphics Settings for the R9 270 2GB

Discussion created by assiduous on Jul 15, 2019
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So Farcry 3 v1.05 is a very good game and according to HardOCP back in 2012, Pitcairn delivers good performance... but how just good in 2019?


[H]ardOCP: Far Cry 3 Video Card Performance and IQ Review 


My preferred settings are...



I couldn't see any real difference between Very High and Ultra detail settings, i definitely noticed the FPS hit though! A bit of investigation led to this middle ground which is slightly backed off from the Very High Detail preset. Another case of ultra detail for screenshots, high detail for gaming it seems to me. This allows me to trade up to 2x MSSA and alpha to coverage enhanced. These settings are in my view more noticeable.



I went with 8x AF and 8x max tessellation by habit / experience. I like Chill - it's a smart feature that really helps keep your PC cool, quiet, efficient and it works flawlessly with Farcry 3.



At these settings, I need only dial in GPU clocks of 875 / 5200 MHz @ 0.977 volts resulting in GPU power consumption of ~ 65 W for frame rates typically in the 40s. I'm in agreement with HardOCP that this range is very playable in for Farcry 3. I've seen lows of around 35 fps but never found this to be an issue in this title. Frame tearing was not noticeable either in this title so Vsync off was perfectly fine. 


In summary, Farcry 3 really showcases what a great GPU Pitcairn was in its day, and continues to be for those of us working through older titles.