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5700 xt Artifacting and crashes !!??

Question asked by izzerrrk on Jul 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by foldy

Okay so i have tried everything possiable to fix this isssue... i have uninstalled the driver 2 times and windows and my games plus their launchers as well.... 

i cannot use this card its laggy in games when it works and has artifacts just in the home screen with nothing running i do not OC anything on this card it is all factory clocks and voltage...

when i did my software install my screen went hot pink until i reset my pc the number for temps and voltages is all over the place and when i try to play games i get black screen with sound still just know visual....

the card reaches 80 C under full load but i cant seem to do anything about it it does not give me the preformance as advertised and i am fairly upset i spend over 400 dollars for a GPU that came as a brick my system details are the following

-msi x470 gaming pro

-16 gb corsair 3000 mhz

-650 corsairs rx power supply 

-corsair h60 AIO

-sansisk SSd

-drevo m.2 ssd

-2600x ryzen processor clocked at 4 ghz

i have had a Overclocked water cooled 1060 in this pc for almost 2 years not a single studer or artifact now i put this gpu in my system and get problems on day one..

should i return it for my money back or get a new gpu sent to me i guess is my actual question?