19.7.3  RX5700XT unable to change the wattman setting

Discussion created by simonparker on Jul 15, 2019
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and the system shutdown suddenly when i play some tripleA titles. I don't know whether the thremal issue or something else cause i can't monitor the GPU status through software like RTSS. 

even GPU-Z



I have enabled the VSR and GPU scaling, everything works properly.


the screen freeze about 3 sec when i try to open "Global setting", and the wattaman setting became blank again.

reboot, change VSR or/and GPU scaling may fix this, but mostly the wattaman setting is broken after boot. 

Update since 19.7.3:

the driver is much more stable then before, but i still got the driver crash message in windows log, and broken wattaman.

it's happened after i play forza horizon 4 for about 3 hours, then try to watch some online video. 

and this time, reboot dose fix the problem.