how to fix curupted bios with Dual bios(no bios switch)

Discussion created by mars2138 on Jul 15, 2019
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Hello Guys

I've enocuntered problem which i can not solve.

I own a motherboard  gigabyte aorus b450 pro  with dual bios.

I had to update bios cuz USB compability issue.  During update computer froze for about 10 minutes. I had to manually shut down PC and restart. Of course, I fxxked up.  System recognizes the back up bios.  But it resets settings everytime.

It made me wonder if I can fix the main bios some how.  There is no switch on motherboard, I can  not manually flash the main bios.  I tried  also with repowering PSU and hold power bottom .  Is there any other solutions ?


As I've mentioned:  The pc reads Main bios , Coundn't load. Then it enteres to the backup bios of which it not save twak settings.