RX 470 bios flash

Discussion created by captainhammad123 on Jul 14, 2019
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i just want to know what is the purpose of Atiflash 287 bios ?

i have powercolor red dragon and i was having heat issues

when My GPU goes 90C i informed seller and he copied atiflash 287 bios and some power color rom file and executed it through teamviewer.

after that temp never crossed 69 and while playing games i suffered fps lag temp goes 59 and fps reduced to 11-12

then again temp 68 and fps back to 39 to 45.

IDK what he did i just want to know what is the purpose of these bios and how i can get back to GPU original ones or these are original bios?

Seller statement:

 Seller told me that  these bios are original and card was running on OC mode so he flashed the bios and now card is running on normal mode"

i just want to know about bios and that he seller is not lying to me.

i attached the bios and power color Rom that he used to flash the bios.

Also my Specs are :

i3 4150

8GB ram

power color red dragon rx 470 (used)

PSU 550W corsair VS series