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New setup restarting just after running games/benchmark

Question asked by blazedge on Jul 14, 2019
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I need some help identifying a problem I have with my new setup.

The setup; PSU  - corsair VS650 (the only one I kept from my previous setup)

                  mobo - MSI b450m mortar

                  GPU  - RX580 (was working for 1 month with my previous setup without the said problem)

                  CPU  - Ryzen 5 2600

                  RAM  - G.skill 8gb ddr4 3000mhz (as temporary solution)

                  SSD  - Samsung 850 evo

The problem; I just installed new windows 10, all AMD and MSI drivers I could find for the GPU and the motherboard, did a bios update and run Superposition benchmark. When it finishes the loading screen the pc restarts.


All I can add is that the same(?) crash happens when I try to run the game Monster Hunter World. The pc restarts just before the game reaches the press-any-button-to-enter-the-menu screen. (That's where I found the problem. I did the format after that.) Temps were GPU - 45 and CPU - 50 just before the restart. I also tried running the game Borderlands 2 which ran without an issue. Last thing I noticed is that when the restart happens the EZ debug LED on the motherboard flashes indicating the CPU.


Any help with troubleshooting would be appreciated.