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Problems with the RX 5700XT

Question asked by udo76 on Jul 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2019 by nozet
Hello, I have since the 11th the RX 5700XT and only problems with the Karte.Ich operate on a 32 inch WQHD monitor with 75Hz and Freesy, I get almost all games 30fps, whether I have Freesy on or off Show me GPUz at 60Hz all the data on the card, but I switch to 75Hz there is nothing left! What I have from time to time and the PC simply turns off the game without error message, I suspect that the card Great voltage fluctuations has and thereby activated my power supply protection circuit. I currently have the VEGA 56 PULSE back in the system because this goes without problems, someone else has the same problems? I can not now buy a new power supply, Currently a Be Q ... Pure Power 10 500Watt installed and with the VEGA 56, the PC does not play any game. Would I be pleased about info or help ...