2600X OC high temp jumps

Discussion created by jxh5760 on Jul 13, 2019

So I have the 2600X, ASUS B450I MoBo, NZXT x52 240MM AIO and NZXT H200i, ITX build.


I've been doing some manual OC because default Core Performance Boost and PBO put the CPU at wayyy toooo high of temps. 


I got 39x multiplier, 3.9Ghz, offset voltage -0.075, Core Performance Boost and PBO both DISABLED. 


Aida64 i get idle constant 32-36C, depending on the ambient temp,  under max load i get 52-53C, max out at 54C. 1.1~V. 


above all seems good, but once i hit 4Ghz, all hell breaks loose! 


with 40x multiplier, I changed voltage to Auto, I tried offset -0.05 it will not boot. with auto Voltage in Aida64 i get 1.29ish V. Idle temp is 36C constant, with occasional spikes to 40-44C. But mostly 36C. 


However, max load, i get 68-72C for the most part, and it would jump to 77-81 every couple of seconds!!

4Ghz, 1.29V, 68-72 consistent, and spikes to 77-81 occasionally. I do not like that spike!! 


How is it only 100Mhz increase in clock speed, would trigger such high temp jump? 


I thought it was the pre applied AIO thermo paste, because when I first got it running with pre applied paste, i get idle 40-50 jumping up and down in STOCK/DEFAULT everything settings.  i redid the paste with Cooler Master MasterGel Nano stuff, idle temps dropped down to 36C even when 4.3Ghz OC, but max load temp still crazy hitting 80C.