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DPC_watchdog_violation with zen 2

Question asked by palanoid on Jul 13, 2019

since upgrading the CPU from 1600 to 3600 on the same X370 killer sli motherboard, whenever i launch a game in windows, the pc would freeze for a few minutes and the bsod appears. DPC_watchdog_violation
also, after logging into windows, there is always hundreds of WHEA-logger event 17s in the event viewer, something to do with the PCI Express Upstream switch port.


i'm not sure when the cause is, so i wanna ask here and see if someone could help, please.


pc specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard: x370 killer sli , BIOS version P5.40, AGESA ComboPI
ram: 16gb hynix ddr4 2666c19
OS: windows 10 ver1903 build 18362.239
graphics: RTX 2060 palit gaming pro oc
graphics driver: nvidia 431.36


i asked the same question on asrock's forums, a user said nvidia is working on a fix. i wanna ask if this is entirely their problem, or would there be something to do with the CPU/motherboard/bios/windows? thank you very much