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RX 580 4GB troubleshooting

Question asked by tomuchworkforcustomersupport on Jul 12, 2019

I bought this computer new, a year ago. Haven't modified. Didn't update anything.


read that top line twice to make sure you get that this is not an issue with a new card or not installing it properly.


It was in sleep mode, I woke it up from sleep mode. It went to no signal on my display after showing the screen for about 10 seconds.


It's done this before when i bump the wires, the hdmi was loose i thought.


So I unplug hdmi and plug it back in. Nothing.

So I use the same hdmi cord, and the same monitor and plug my ps3 in. Works.


The only other ports are display ports on my rx 580. So I get a display port to hdmi cord as I used an 32 inch flat screen tv as a monitor and it's only got hdmi.


It doesn't work, none of the ports do.


So I unplug the monitor, see if the settings need reset.


Still nothing.


So I pull out the gpu, take some air duster and clean everything  a lil and reseat it.




The hdmi port on the motherboard has never worked. Don't think its set to in the bios.


Which means, if this is a driver issue, there is no way I know of to get a screen to get different drivers.


I do not have a different monitor, or a spare gpu.


I'm using windows 10 Home.

CPU is Ryzen 5 1400

I dont know what the motherboard is.

IF YOU'RE ABOUT TO ASK FOR A BUNCH OF PC SPECS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PROBLEM. Just save it and acknowledge you have no idea so I can stop wasting my time here.


And don't explain to me how one spec I didn't mention could mean all the difference. Its a customer support tactic to waive the customer away. They ask a question, you give a wall of text asking every single detail about the computer, they never respond, you mark it as answered.


I just want to know if this sounds like how a gpu normally quits, bc if i buy another gpu and plug it in and it doesn't work im going to be pissed.