Amd Firepro W8000 + S9100?

Discussion created by dave3333 on Jul 12, 2019
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Running windows 10 enterprise x64 + vmware with windows server 2019 

However this will all change to windows server 2016 ONLY as vmware only allows 2gb of gpu ram to transfer over the windows server 2019.


1. Should I use a waterblock on the s9100? (I can't find a full waterblock may need to design one to be cnc-ed out)
2. How will the s9100 and w8000 work together


This is a system to build for remote workers to remote into server and use various 3d cad packages and simulation software cfd, fea etc... 


System Specification 
Custom Waterloop. All EK Nickel Waterblocks

x2 Alphacool Radiators 48mm each (each water block has 4 fans)

CPU: AMD Threadripper 2990wx (32 cores) (Watercooled)

GPU: AMD Firepro W8000 GB (Watercooled) + S9100 if its the best thing.
Mobo: Asus X399-A Prime

RAM: Corsair Dominator 32GB x2 16gb 3000mhz (will  be upgraded to 96GB)(may need a water block too)

PSU: Cosair 1200w 

CHASSIS: Cosair 900D