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Steam for Linux : Steam Play. ACO, a new Mesa shader compiler for AMD graphics. Can people on the forum help test it out?

Question asked by colesdav on Jul 12, 2019


I have been using Steam for Linux - Steam Play on Ubuntu and Fedora Linux for some time now.
I was involved in initial testing efforts some time ago. See:  Steam for Linux : Introducing a new version of Steam Play. If you run Linux, can you please test it out?  

There are ~3500 Game titles now supported on Linux.


This article on phoronix gives some more information.


If you are interested please help test ACO, more information here:

Steam for Linux :: Help us test ACO, a new Mesa shader compiler for AMD graphics!


Windows 7 support ends completely for consumers on Jan 14 2020:


If you are new to Linux  or  are considering moving away from Windows 10 to Linux when Windows 7 is EOL then I think  is a good place to join for friendly help and support.