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Replace HD5650M chip to HD5730M chip

Question asked by nightwalker813 on Jul 12, 2019
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Hello. Sorry for my English, it is very bad. Too little time to practice.


I like to upgrade notebooks on soldering level. And I have all for it.


In some time ago I trying to change VGA-chips on two notebooks. It is Acer Aspire 5820TG and Sony VPCEB3M1R.


These was HD5650M (216-0772000) inside both notebooks. I soldered in it HD5730M or HD5750M(216-0772003(different sources give different information about this chip.)). Of course, these not work without modify BIOS. In particular, the reason is in video-BIOS. Then I unpacked the BIOS, found VBIOS.


And then I had some difficulties.
1. I found many articles on how to take a VBIOS from one laptop and insert it into another. Tried many times, just following the instructions. But the both devices did not work.
2. Found articles where they simply change the device identifiers in the VBIOS itself. I tried it - it works. But there were even more questions:


   a) I don't see the difference between the chips, if we compare the specification on the site


   b) In the technical documentation there is information that the board can be installed different video memory. For this you need to set the straps. I increased the video memory from 1 to 2 GB and rearranged the straps according to the instructions of the documentation. In Acer value of memory is good, but vendor of memory is different.

I soldered Hynix chips, but system see it as Samsung chip. Then I decided to try all the options listed in the documentation. Value of memory is change, vendor is not.

In Sony Vendor and Value of memory not change. I try all the options listed in documentation. 

I think that the volume of memory and the vendor are also indicated in the vBIOS. But my knowledge not have for find it and edit.

Then I change the frequency of video kernel and video memory. And also I changed resistors in power ic for graphic chip for up of voltage from 0.95V to 1.05V. Now my Acer work at 800MHz of kernel and 1100MHz of memory. Sony work at 750MHz kernel and 1000MHz memory. Both notebooks work perfect without errors and problems. Now 6 mounth as I do it.

And I please to help me with few things.

1. Find and add correct vBIOS for new chip.

2. Find and edit info about video memory and vendor in vBIOS.

3. Ask me, which frequency is last for it chip? Not recommended, not default. I want to overclock it chip that higher as it can.

All of information about my work I can to place there(links, photos, tests, schemes). 

Thanks in advance.