Been having problems with ReLive for the past weeks

Discussion created by akame on Jul 11, 2019
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Hello, ive been having a lot of problems with ReLive for the past weeks and i really dont know what to do anymore, from a fresh windows install to multiple DDU clean installs nothing cant fix it.

ReLive instant replay does not work for me at all .. i can get it to work sometimes restarting my pc and closing amdow.exe and amdrs.exe multiple times but i just dont get whats wrong ... as i said, i even went with a fresh windows install but the problem is still there.

The game i am trying to get instant replays from: Guild Wars 2

I am going to add system specs and some logs from the app and i hope someone can help me out.


System Specs:

8gb Ram 1600mhz

i7 4790

Rx 570 Sapphire nitro+ 4gb

Driver: 19.7.1
Windows 10 64bits.