R7 3700X not boosting at all

Discussion created by shanrai on Jul 10, 2019
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just received my R7 3700X and my MSI X570 Gaming Pro Carbon, but the CPU does not boost, it stays at 1.1 V & 3600 MHz all the time. I already tried resetting the bios, enabling PBO manually etc. .. nothing seems to work. 

Bios version is 7B93v11 (AMD ComboPI1.0.0.3a). 


Unfortunately Ryzen Master isn't an option, because everytime I run the program and try to set something it will just crash. After re-installing, it works for a short period, like 5-10 minutes, and then crashes, after that the behaviour is like explained above. 


Edit: I am just reinstalling the Windows 1903 update, lets see .. 


Edit 2: After reinstalling the update, the processor is still stuck @ 3.6 GHz 1.1V 


Edit 3: A program called "MSI Dragon Center" caused this. I initially installed it with all the drivers from the mainboard manufacturers site, after realizing that this program is just a tweaking tool I unistalled it but some parts of the code must have persisted that caused the CPU to not boost at all and caused AMD Ryzen Master to crash.