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Where to Download Drivers

Question asked by bc1235 on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by goodplay

I'm migrating from my laptop to a new desktop computer.  I'm using Acronis universal restore. The laptop (origin of backup) is an Asus k55n (AMD) and the new system has an Asrock b450M MB with a Ryzen 5 CPU.  One of the problems I have is finding drivers.  The universal restore utility needs drivers put in a folder where the utility can access and install them.  First problem is finding extracted drivers. When trying to use the restore without a folder with drivers I received a message that it needed pci\ven_1022&DEV_43C8&SUBSYS_43C81849&REV_01 for Windows 10.

One of the things I tried was trying to use a new win 10 install and try using it to repair the installed windows but was unsuccessful.  I have the DVD that came with the MB but without a bootable system, I don't know a way to install the DVD.  I assume the DVD has the drivers as the board is designed for AMD AM4 socket. 


So does anyone know a way to find extracted drivers for this chipset or a way to install the Asrock DVD without a bootable system?  Any other suggestion is greatly appreciated.


Thank you Bruce,


And yes, I know migrating to dissimilar hardware is difficult and I expected issues but I really don't want to try reinstalling all my software from scratch especially when some of the apps aren't supported anymore and just activating them can be as trying as dealing with this driver issue.