Adrenalin Software 19.6.3 TV video mode issue

Discussion created by lauchint on Jul 10, 2019
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i've been having an issue with my radeon vii or the adrenalin software (not quite sure).

I have a triple monitor setup:
tv connected over the hdmi port (3840x2160@60hz)
monitor over dp to hdmi adapter(1920x1080@75hz)
monitor over dp to hdmi adapter(2560x1440@144hz)


The settings advisor told me to change certain settings to improve my experience, im very vague here as im not sure what exactly it was, but I do believe it was something about super resolution or scaling or native resolution and frequency don't quote me on that.
After applying these recommended changes, the screens went black as they usually do when you change display settings around. but now my tv has an incorrect video mode. It now has 4096x2160 which my tv does not support natively and was not there before. And the highest resolution videomode I can select that runs on 60hz is 1920x1080. Also in the adrenalin software it now displays all sorts of options like 10 and 12 bit color depth and different pixel formats that weren't there before. My tv screen has black borders and or cuts the picture off when the aspect ratio doesn't match and if it matches it doesn't stretch to fill the screen(tried all the formats my tv supports aswell). Maybe anyone has got a clue how to resolve this issue.


Thanks in advance.