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Discussion created by davidinlv82 on Jul 10, 2019
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Hi, I have 3 monitors, 2 are the same size and 1 is different than the other 2. I want to configure eyefinity on the 2 monitors that are the same size and still have the ability to use the 3rd monitor outside the eyefinity group. Problem is there is no actual way to just select the monitors I want to use in the eyefinity group and every time I try to change any configuration to exclude the 3rd monitor all displays go dead and have to force restart my pc. The reason I want to do this is because I only use the 3rd monitor for diagnostics and system monitoring apps since that is about all it's good for these days. Is there a way to make this work that way I don't have to unplug the 3rd monitor every time I want to use eyefinity? The link is what my monitor setup looks like and hopefully you will see why I don't want to include it in the eyefinity group>>>> My setup