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Intermittent black screen RX 580

Question asked by gquiring on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by gquiring

I have a HTPC running Kodi and recently upgraded to a 4k TV.  I got a RX 580 graphics card which is driving me crazy with black screens.  Not only does it black out while watch 1080p or 4k content, it blacks out at the Windows desktop when nothing else is running.  I reformatted the drive and loaded a fresh copy of Win 10 x64.  The only apps installed are Kodi and the Radeon settings utility.  


These black screens are not that intermittent, sometimes I get them every 10 seconds.  Other times it can go 30 minutes.  The crazy part is I get more at the Windows desktop than in Kodi at times.  


I have tried tuning Wattman but nothing seems to make anything better, just worse.  


Can someone help me understand these settings and what these black screen actually mean?  Is the card crashing/resetting when a black screen occurs?