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Unstable Trident-z memory on XMP setting with 3600x and X470 Taichi

Question asked by mmf on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by mmf

I cannot get my new Ryzen 3600x to run stable on the hardware I used with the 2600 without problems, ASRock X470 Taichi and 3200C14 Trident-z memory. Are others having the same problem?

A memory clock far below XMP is needed to prevent WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR or hard resets. The system even freezes occasionally in the BIOS and during a windows reinstall.


Maybe the memory controller has a defect but I can complete Cinebench runs with a good boost of up to 4.2-4.4 Ghz.
Things I have tried: Increased soc and dram voltage, manual and auto clocks, increased primary and secondary timings, different VDDP voltage, disconnecting non-essential hardware, windows re-installs, latest AMD X470 chipset drivers from 7/7, ASRock bios 3.40 and 3.43, re-seat CPU, re-seat GPU.
The cpu is cooled by water with a 420mm 6-fan radiator.


System: ASRock X470 Taichi, G.Skill Trident-z 3200c14 2x8GB, Geforce 1070 GTX, ASRock bios 3.40 and 3.43, Windows 10 pro x64 clean install, Samsung 970 Evo plus nvme.