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GPU crashed when Radeon Relive is enabled

Question asked by dave59274 on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2019 by benman2785

Hey everyone. So for the past month or so my GPU has been crashing whenever I'm in a game and Relive is enabled. This wasn't happening when I first got my GPU, but something must have happened for this issue to suddenly crop up. This happens in pretty much any game that I play (i.e Apex Legends, Titanfall 2, Devil May Cry 5, etc.) and it seems to happen whenever, usually when the game just launched or when I Alt-Tab in/out of the game. As for what happens, my monitor will turn black, stating that there's no signal, and then return a few seconds later. Whatever game I was in crashes and my computer begins to stutter frequently until I restart.


I've tried using DDU to reinstall my display drivers and I reinstalled Windows, neither of which solved the issue. Any ideas on how I can solve this? Thanks!


P.S my system has also been experiencing some other odd behavior (e.g my entire screen was a neon magenta color and I could only solve it by restarting.)


Here's my system:

  • GPU
  • Driver version
    • AMD Adrenalin 2019 ver 19.7.1
  • OS
    • Windows 10 Home build 18362.175
  • Display
    • BenQ XL 2730 2560x1440 @144Hz; connected via DisplayPort
  • Motherboard
    • MSI Z87-G45
  • CPU
    • Intel i7-4770K @3.5GHz
  • PSU
    • EVGA Supernova 650 G2 650W Gold
  • RAM
    • 16GB DDR3, GSkill