Optional Drivers Package 19.6.2 caused ban in PUBG

Discussion created by sully88 on Jul 9, 2019
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I play A LOT of pubg, and i mean a lot. i have like 1200 hours over the last year or two. I always play with basically the same config on my pc. Have been playing PC shooters online for 20 years and never been banned, permanently or short term for behaviors. I have updated nothing on my PC in weeks except to hit the optional drivers download this last week on Catalyst/Radeon Launcher. About 2 days after choosing the optional driver package i logged into Steam and see im banned by dev from PUBG.
They have replied to me multiple times saying their is nothing I can do to reverse this because i was found to have broke the TOS on modding/running injectors programs etc...

I have never in my life intentionally tried to affect gameplay with external rules/conditions/programs. That's cheating in my head and i play clean, IRL, online, whatever.


So basically just posting this as a warning.


DO NOT HELP AMD with BETA DRIVER TESTING if you play any games online at all. Battle-eye flagged me as cheating almost immediately, or within a day or two after updating to them. I have bought roughly 100 bucks worth of content between the game itself, sandhok DLC, keys and clothing/skins etc..... And all of that stuff including all the free items/skins i have received through other promos with twitch and whatnot are now gone.


I rolled my drivers back to full release copies, and have been playing on my wifes account for about the last two days and have not seen any ban type things pop up for her copy of PUBG. This was the only change i made to my system in any meaningful way. So either i caught a false positive on their anticheat correlated to the exact time frame as me updating to Beta Drivers, or it was the beta drivers themselves that caused this.


Super frustrating cause Bluehole refuses to work with me, or even try to figure out what went wrong. They just keep feeding me the form letters for cheating and TOS violations....I know this isnt AMDs fault per se..., but it definitely feels like I am paying the AMD tax constantly on the support side for saving a few bucks on the initial purchase and buying an AMD graphics card instead of NviDia.( also had to figure out custom wattman settings so that my rx580 can play games on a 144hz monitor without black screen flickering)


If a mod/dev from AMD sees this and thinks they can help me out that would be cool. Not really expecting anything, but i figure if Bluehole can see a bunch of bans from just AMD cards as a result of posts like these with beta drivers maybe it can save some other people all this frustration.