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R7 3700X + New Asus Prime X470-Pro

Question asked by mcmiafl on Jul 9, 2019
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I just bought the R7 3700X and since the X570 Boards are a bit pricy still and PCIe4.0 isn't really relevant right now, I've decided to go for an older model, i.e. the Asus Prime X470-Pro.


Asus has announced that this mobo will support the 3rd Gen Ryzen processors after a BIOS update. What I'm unsure about is whether the BIOS on my board will already be up-to-date (since I've just bought it) or if I will have to update it myself.


I'm more than happy to find out - what I would like to know is: in case my board isn't updated yet and I try to start it up with my 3700X, could that hurt my CPU or board?


Thank you for helping me out here.