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Question asked by kaioken on Jul 9, 2019
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Some clear reports about the releases from AMD....
    1. 3700x amd 3900x both destroy intel 9th gen cpus even at 7z zip compression test and adobe premierer pro rendering which was intels lead all this time
    2. 3700x is within 5-8% of all games tested of the within 5% is just margin of still claiming intel is the KING of gaming does not value that much...
    3. 3600 geekbench single core is 5.6k and multi core is 28K-30K...with 4.3 all core boost. which is on per weith 8700k at 4.9-5.0 Ghz... they are having problem with single core boost of 4.4-4.6 ghz
  • some reports that single core boost is still not there as amd confirmed fully functional bios version will be released some times later.....
  • AMD navi release seems to got more attention than their cpu release.... beating rtx 2060,2070 and on par with 2070 and 2060 super respectively...even beating it in some games...
  • Some youtube reviewers praised for this performance from navi cards ..and new choice for the 1080ti performance for $400 dollars..
  • Claiming rtx features against the navi cards are useles...cause rtx is at the moment is useless themselves for the rtx cards....only ti is somewhat deserved to buy for rtx gameplay
  • navi cards are not paper launch and are available at micro center if you buy amd cpu get EVEN $50 DOLLAR discount off of those cards.
  • i say both CPU AND GPU release is a success for AMD
  • SOME reviewers on youtube are falsely claiming that the navi cards are bad value....they are nothing but paid shills...dont fall for it..because super cards aren't worth the the moment