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AMDGPU drivers break QEMU of Ubuntu 18.04.2 HWE with Ubuntu Cloud Archive Stein (it have Virgil 3D enabled)

Question asked by tmartins on Jul 8, 2019
The amdgpu drives break Ubuntu 18.04.2 with Ubuntu Cloud Archive Stein version! Looks really bad.


Here is what I do:


1- Install Ubuntu 18.04.2 (with HWE for Kernel and XOrg);
2- Enable UCA with `sudo add-apt-repository cloud-archive:stein`;
3- Install `qemu-vkm`, `virt-manager`, and etc;
4- You'll be able to create a QEMU Guest using Virgil 3D using the Linux `radeon` module! It's awesome.
5- Install AMDGPU-19.30 (or any other previous version), for an even more awesome QEMU? Let's see!
6- No deal, after installing AMDGPU drivers, no more QEMU!


Here is the error:


Any idea about how to fix this?


Some info: