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No man's sky Black Screen only on AMD

Question asked by magoguitarrista on Jul 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2019 by magoguitarrista

Hello there, hope your good.
Here is my issue, so,I recently decided to install No Man's Sky,(After a long time since it's supposed to have new content) but I got a nice surprise...

When I move from version 1.71 to 1.75 (or later) the game stops working...
After selecting the game mode the screen turns black (and in the background you hear the typical notification sound of Windows 10 but with not visible error messages) and nothing happens forcing you to close it with the task manager.

As far as I could find out on forums I'm not the only one with the problem and all of the affected users are from AMD
The "solution" seems to be to revert AMD drivers to version 18.7.1, which is "fine" if you only use your computer to play this game and don't mind having Stone Age drivers or switching to recent drivers every time you want to work or play another game...
I Also saw that from version 18.12.2 onwards all versions generate crashes in the game.
Which leads me to wonder, (We are already in version 19.5. something) and this problem which began 6 months ago still exists... Is there a plan to fix this?
Or AMD products are "No man's land" and we are on our own?
Thanks for the space, cheers.