AMD Relive 19.7.1, AMD Crimson 19.X, Mouse laggs

Discussion created by c4logan on Jul 8, 2019
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i have rx560 2gb ram, fx-8300, 8gb ram. Windows 7 64x latest updates. I install Relive, then try stream to twitch. But stream always broken even with 720p and 2 mbits, relive said that i have bad network. Also i use many twitch servers in relive menu and again fail. But when i stream with obs-studio whith 5 mbits and 1080p i dont have any lag, stream is perfect with obs-studio. So its relive issue. Also in Windows 7 i cant choose in overlay the record entry area or stream area, i dont have those menus, but in windows 10 i have those menus. In Windows 7 i also have screen bag when i quit from game screen seems goes to the right side and i cant move mouse cursor from right side to left side or from left side to the right side of screen, cuz i have 2 invizible horizontal borders lika monitor have 2 borders(left and right) I think this issue comes from relive overlay, (now i am talking about length those invisible area) cuz relive overlay have same width lika one part of screen from left side to inviz border have same length. Also you even cant use mouse to click on folders or another objects the mouse cursor has an offset relative to the object it points to. And those issue happends when you have windows aero enabled. Also i have those issues on windows 10, but in windows 10 also i have another mouse issue - cursor suddenly freez for 1-3 sec and this happends very often, and cursor may suddenly move faster with grow up acceleration when you move mouse with V=const. Thats why i come back to Windows 7. Cuz its unplayeble play in realtime strategy when your cursor frees every 2-5 minutes for 1-3 sec every day. I use amd paltform more than 17 years, but now i think to switch nvidia gpu and maby to intel cpu. Even with fx-8300 you cant use C6 state bios option cuz windows immediately goes to BSOD. I do not overclocking with the processor and graphics card. But i have in my stash old athlon II x3 445 he worked  many years with unlocked 4th core and i dont have any bsod. And when i have screen issue in windows 7 and 10, i start magnifier and screen issue disappear.