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19.7.1 Complete Mess

Question asked by john007 on Jul 8, 2019



Absolute nightmare with these drivers, enough to pack this up and just refund this crap, such a great GPU and you just provide a driver like this?


Where are the scaling options?

Why is VSR saying not supported when I've used that for years?

Why are the custom resolutions bugging out? (If you didn't remove them all this wouldn't be a problem)


As well as the 2 main displays, I use a 14' console monitor with a native resolution of 1366x768, its a great little display. You removed half of the resolutions in this driver as well as the 1366x768.


So Ok shouldn't be a problem, just create a custom resolution yes? Well you try and create 1366x768, you will notice it changes the '1366' to '1368' it keeps reverting the 6 to a bloody 8! So you end up with 1368x768?


So all my displays are messed up right now its either not displaying the native resolution or the screen is overscanned 4%.


AMD I don't have the time for this crap anymore. What the hell are you doing? We have send a bug report to AMD support and hopefully get an answer ASAP.


These are standard settings AMD, necessary for any driver, if you don't revert the settings back for the community then you leave me no choice but to refund, what am I suppose to do?