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why is the amd website set up so poorly for consumer use and knowledge?  this website is a minefield of annoying clicks with little relevant information.

Question asked by josh4444 on Jul 7, 2019
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so put simply, all i want is a list of all the amd processors and a list of the graphics cards with all their specs and some type of base price.  to get this information is like pulling teeth on this website.  each product takes many clicks to hopefully get you to place that will possibly sell you the item, so to do a full comparison i need lots of windows open.  Lots of irrelevant information posted in large graphics that take up lots of space making what you want to see hard to find.  thankfully there are other website out there that help with this, but when there are new product releases they fall behind so even then it can be hard to find what i'm looking for.  i mean all i really want is a top to bottom list of your most to least powerful equipment with a bit of a price comparison.  i am still probably going to buy one of amd's chips because they really are some of the best value and recently some of the best power.  but man this website is making it tough on me.  i could go into a lot of detail about how the 30 minutes i spent searching around the website lead me to lots of confusion and many pitfalls, but really it was just a poor shopping experience.


sorry for the rant,