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[hardware] blank screen -- R7 370

Question asked by soundlord on Jul 7, 2019

I can't remember when I purchased this GPU, I think in 2015/2016, in any way this card is outta warranty.

I startup my system in the morning everything was ok, I came back at midnite and horror !! blank screen at boot !!


No BIOS at all.

It is hardware related no doubt.


I cleared the CMOS and switched to embedded graphic card.

Released and cleaned the R7, tried to put it back, but it wasn't detected by the system, still no HDMI signal nore DVI-I nore DVI-D signal. Cleared the CMOs again, and get back to the poor embedded GPU.


Do you think it is the way the R7 behaves when it is time to put some thermal paste because the GPU is getting hot ?

Or this is the end, dot point ?