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Did AMD discontinue support for RX590 with Adrenalin 19.7.1 ?

Question asked by xanxus64 on Jul 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by amdmatt

Tried to upgrade to win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-2019-edition-19.7.1-july7

from win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-2019-edition-19.6.3-june27

the installer said it partially installed the driver, but the radeon settings could not be found after the first restart,


So i removed the driver thinking to do a clean install, but 19.7.1 couldn't recognize my card,

so now i rolled back to win10-64bit-radeon-software-adrenalin-2019-edition-19.5.2-june3 WHQL



Also does RX590 support Automatic Low Latency Mode, AMD Radeon Image Sharpening, Radeon Anti-Lag ?



Windows10 Latest update

Sapphire rx590 nitro special edition (blue)



i am not the only one with this issue, i am part of a large gaming community, so when i wrote about my issues on our discord server, many rx590 owners replied that they are all having the same issue with the latest driver.