19.7.1 Driver update removed HDMI Scaling.

Discussion created by ratio1618 on Jul 7, 2019
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Hey there i recnetly got a new 8GB RX570 and today installed a new update.

besides the GPU i have a FX-8350 and 16GB Ram on a Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

Slightly annoying as from what i have read i have to roll back drivers and that sounds like a bloody nightmare. I used a HD6850 for about 5 -6 years before this and never had to update my drivers that often so all this new future stuff is a not very nice so far.


EDIT: just noticed that 19.7.1 didnt even resolve the issue of the overlay not appearing on my Windows 7 OS 

EDIT 2: Fiddled with TV settings and set it to "Just Scan" which has fixed the issue to an extent though the image seems a bit blurry or something weird, but it will do until i can get word on why HDMI scaling has been removed