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Can't get RX Vega M to work with Oculus Rift S

Question asked by drrjv on Jul 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by drrjv

This is basically what I've tried so far:


  1. If I hook the PC to a monitor, both DisplayPorts and HDMI ports work - one DP/HDMI with the Vega and the second pair with the integrated graphics.
  2. If I connect my Oculus Rift S to the integrated graphics port, the PC recognizes the Rift S but won't work (due I assume to the lower powered integrated graphics system.
  3. The PC does not recognize the Rift S when plugged into the Vega M graphic card DisplayPort (acts as if nothing is plugged in.)
  4. I did get the Rift S working on another PC so I'm thinking there is some sort of issue with the Vega DisplayPort and the Rift S.
I have got back and forth with Oculus Support and they have thrown their hands up and told me it was my problem.
Any help appreciated