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Radeon R7 250 - Black Screen

Question asked by revel on Jul 7, 2019
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Since a few months ago, I've been struggling with a problem on my PC, and I think my graphic card is the cause.


The problem is that sometimes my screen turns totally black for a few seconds. It usually happens when I'm watching YouTube on the browser, and when the image comes back, the video turns black (I use Opera). And the most stressfull problem is when I try to play League of Legends, just between the champion select and the loading screen, the screen turns totally black and the CPU usage goes to 100% (I got an Athlon II X2 250). The only way to get out the black screen is shutting down the PC.


I've tried all the solutions that I've thought:


I've tried reinstalling League of Legends.
I've tried reinstalling the graphic card's drivers (even using DDU).
I've tried reinstalling Opera (or use another browser).
I've installed all the Windows's updates (I got Windows 10 Pro).
And more.


I don't know what I should to do.


leagueoflegends youtube opera amd radeon r7 250 athlon ii x2  windows 10 64 bits