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I have used an AMD Radeon HD 5450, getting TDR Error from ATIKMPAG.SYS.  Scan reports driver up to date.  It has been working for years ok, just failed this week.  Any thoughts?

Question asked by waltjo on Jul 5, 2019

Running Windows 10 Pro version 1803 on a HP 700-327c, 16 GB, (Intel i7-4770 CPU in 64bit mode.


I have two monitors installed. 


It has been working fine for a few years.  


The TDR errors started infrequently but have progressed until the machine became unusable.


Scans report that drivers are ok.


I removed the AMD Radeon HD 5450 and now the computer works ok with the embedded Intel adapter.


I think the AMD board has failed but hoping there could be something else?