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My AMD Radeon R5 M420 Graphics Drivers on my ASUS VivoBook X505B/X505BP are not installing properly.

Question asked by davidbalyan on Jul 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2019 by davidbalyan

So. I tried installing new AMD Radeon Software on my laptop to maximize performance from what i had. When i installed them, a yellow triangle popped up in my Device Manager on my Display Adapters. So i rolled back and continued using my laptop normally. I went to school the next day and told my friends about what had happened and one of them recommended that i use a DDU and try installing the drivers again. So i did. Still didn't work. At this point rolling back was impossible because the DDU had uninstalled all the versions of the software. I have tried countless times to install the drivers but nothing has worked. Your help will be very much appreciated. Here are some pictures for more info.