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AMD Ryzen 2990wx problem auto shutdown MY PC

Question asked by bunsatya on Jul 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2019 by misterj

Hello Guy ! I have a problem with my machine using AMD Ryzen 2990wx.

   PC Detail:

  •       CPU: AMD Ryzen 2990wx
  •       GPU: MSI AERO 1080Ti 11G OC
  •       Mainboard: MSI X399 Creation
  •       RAM G-SKILL 3200Mz 16x4
  •       Power Supply: Coolermaster 1200W platinum
  •       RUN ON 4K monitor 60hz.

I got this auto shutdown while using 3 weeks now and there very randomly shutdown. I've tried replace alof of part like RAM, GPU, PSU, But it still shutdown the same. I though it was my CPU crashed. I am not yet tried to take it off yet. but 80% I though because of it. I also have changed three different Windows 10 x64 it still the same issue.


Any other good resolution for help please !!!