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Stuttering and FPS drops in AMD build with Vega 56

Question asked by weegee on Jul 4, 2019

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600X
GPU: RX Vega 56 / GTX 660 TI for NVIDIA
RAM: 16 gb DDR4 2400 mhz

Motherboard: A320M PRO-VD PLUS
(nothing OCed)


This problem first came up when I purchased the RX Vega 56 to replace my GTX 660 TI and after trying a few things, I saw that some games ran much worse than I expected. At the lowest settings on PUBG, I would get an average of 50 fps. I tried many kinds of patches and different Wattman profiles and what not, none of which seemed to make a difference. I left it off at this, and just assumed that NVIDIA is more optimized in some games than others (and maybe it is). Then I played Outlast, a game from 2013, and while my FPS would easily reach 62 fps (the cap for Outlast) when everything was loaded in, I would often get annoying stuttering entering new areas and FPS drops. I'm thinking this isn't exactly that my build isn't powerful enough, but something to do with the memory and storage of textures or whatever in the games. I say this because when I uncapped the fps I still was able to surpass 144 fps in most every situation, but no matter what I do the stutters were still there.


The only way I could get most of the stuttering to go away was by rolling back my 19.5.3 driver to 19.2.2, which got rid of 80% of the stuttering. This made the game much more smooth and enjoyable, however, there still were parts where the game would stutter. Normally, these small stutters wouldn't be a big deal, but when I compared the results I was getting to other people who were playing on laptops and relatively basic PCs, I was disappointed. I saw no lag or stutters in their gameplay whatsoever, leading me to be pretty confused.


I've tried rolling back to all kinds of AMD drivers, updated my bios, processor, chipset drivers, basically every driver I had. I'm pretty sure its nothing to do with background processes, as I've tried closing everything in the background and playing, leading to no difference. I've tried messing with the page file in every way, changing priorities in task manager, adding patches to the game, modifying the game files, and plenty of other things. The only thing that completely got rid of the stutters was by switching my GPU to the GTX 660 TI I had a year prior. Is it true that some games just simply don't work as well on AMD cards? It's awfully disappointing that the GTX 660 TI showed no stuttering considering its roughly 5 years older and outdated. Also, the load times on both cards were pretty bad, and the only way I could fix them was by loading them once and then replaying the level to revisit. This only fixed certain loads.


I don't wanna be forced to use my GTX 660 TI just to minimize the stuttering, and the loads are still a problem. I'm now starting to look into other problems, as I'm not so sure this is entirely a GPU problem, which is why I'm posting this in general. I was just hoping that this computer would be able to perform much better in games. Are there any potential flaws I could be missing that I'm not seeing? Thanks for reading, I would appreciate all suggestions.