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Video and Audio freezing every 2 seconds

Question asked by mattchappy on Jul 3, 2019



I've noticed that when playing fullscreen video games my computer will randomly begin lagging about every 2 seconds and freezes the video and audio for about a second. This can happen when I first start up my game or an hour into playing, it seems to be random. This began about six months ago intermittently however the problem is daily now if I want to play a game. When I turn off my computer it blue screens with the error "Driver Power State Failure". I've looked on forums and tried some ideas like uninstalling my current GPU driver and I rolled-back the driver to later versions (I've done this with about 5 different version). However, the problem still persists. I am currently on 19.6.3 for my Radeon Rx580 GPU. My Windows 10 version I'm on is 1903 (OS Build 18362.175). I cannot figure this out and I would love some ideas to help me solve this issue. I believe it is a driver issue since it just randomly starts lagging and not doing it from the start of Windows.



Matt Chapman


P.S. Attached I have shared a link to a video of it I took from my phone.