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Green and purple pixels with RX 570

Question asked by littlefishy on Jul 2, 2019

I have a system with a ryzen 2200G, i was using the integrated graphics for a couple months, then made an upgrade and got a Rx 570 from powercolor, i connected the HDMI to the graphics, install driver from website and started playing, after a couple days i started to notice some green and purple pixels around the corners of the screen, usually where there are some dark colors, i tried another monitor and same issue, then removed the drivers with DDU and with the default drivers it was fine, installed some old drivers and issue still persist, any idea what to do? i don´t want to send the card back since i´m not in the US so is hard for me to do so since i got it from there, i have looked around for the issue and have found no solution so far.


My system is running a Asus TUF B450 board, some GSKILL 3200Mhz kit 4GB x 2.

I took a screenshot, i´m not sure if issue can be seen in it and sometimes when i´m browsing the web the system freezes and i have to restart