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High CPU utilisation (100%) during network activity Win10 - Ryzen 1600

Question asked by uberspunk on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2019 by uberspunk

Each time I copy files from my NAS (SMB) over a Gigabit LAN connection to local storage (WD Green 1TB), my CPU utilisation goes to 100% on all cores. During this time, the PC lags, stutters, and on rare occasions; the mouse cursor freezes and the system hangs for about 20 sec to a whole minute.


Edit: This also happens during any kind moderate network activity, e.g. performing an internet speed test.


It's a fairly fresh install of Win10 with the latest updates to version 1903, and I have also installed the latest chipset drivers for B350 - all drivers are up to date, and have also enabled all offload features on my NIC.


System info and a screenshot of the issue are attached.