GPU 100% Usage on video decoding

Discussion created by velo_kun on Jun 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by solidus_t

Ryzen 2700x 4.1Ghz all cores, RoG Crosshair 7 Hero Wi-Fi, 32GB 3000mhz C15 ram with RX 470 8GB  GDDR5.

Issue is after gaming, or after a session of using Windows RDP - the graphics card seems to bug out. This bug causes the GPU to spike to 100% usage in task manager with Video Decoding maxed when trying to view 4K .mov files.

This can be resolved by restarting computer, or disabling and enabling the GPU/Display Device in Device manager. After this, video decoding drops to 10% when viewing the 4k .mov file. 

This leads me to believe some software bug causing the incorrect codec/driver  to load during viewing the content.

Software used to preview is MPC-Home and similar happens with VLC media.